The Irving Fire Fighters Association remains committed to promoting and protecting the interests of Local 2073 members and our community.

The Irving Fire PAC is a political action fund made up of voluntary contributions by our fire fighters to advocate for fire fighter and public safety interests.

From the time we're hired until the time we retire, the decisions that affect our ability to do our jobs – including to come home safely to our loved ones and receive the pay and benefits we deserve - are ultimately made by elected officials. Therefore, we must be involved in the political process whenever public safety and firefighter issues are being deliberated. It is our responsibility to educate both the voters of Irving and the politicians who represent them about critical public safety issues facing our citizens and our members on the front lines.

The Irving Fire Fighters Association recognizes that our members have diverse political views on a wide range of issues. The Irving Fire PAC’s only focus is on issues that support public safety and directly impact the ability of our members to do their jobs. The Irving Fire PAC assists and contributes to candidates who support us, regardless of party affiliation. No funds from the Irving Fire PAC go to any state or national political organizations - fire or otherwise. Support is only given to assist and elect candidates who represent some portion of the City of Irving or on ballot issues that in some way affect our department and our members!

We ask all members of the Irving Fire Fighters Association to support the Irving Fire PAC. Your minimum contribution of just $10 a month will allow the us to better fulfill our mission of “Supporting Our Supporters” and increasing our Association’s influence on shaping policies and decisions that affect us all.

The Irving Fire Fighters are proud to endorse Allan Meagher for State Representative in Texas House District 105.

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